Monday, May 2, 2011

Mrs. Cardinal

I thought it was about time to tell you about Mrs. Cardinal. Actually, I think I'll just show you Mrs. Cardinal.  

She doesn't hang around nearly as much as her mate. He's here every single day, but we only see her every several days or so. She doesn't seem to sing, at least not nearly as much as he does. We often hear him out in the trees in our yard, but I've never actually noticed her singing before, though apparently they will sing back and forth.

When she's around, he's usually not to far away either. I think he likes to keep an eye on her. I guess he doesn't trust her.

I don't know much about the life expectancy of cardinals, nor do I have any idea how old this pair may be. I just read that the oldest known cardinal lived to be 15, nearly 16, years old ( That seems like a long time! I sure hope this pair is around for a while longer. I was hoping they'd have little Cardinal babies somewhere nearby, but I haven't really seen any signs of this yet. Although, maybe her recent appearances at our bird feeders are in an attempt to fatten up!

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