Wednesday, May 18, 2011


Not me. Him. Or her I guess!
I was working on my wedding scrapbook the other day when I noticed this squirrel in one of the Linden trees out back, hanging upside down from a very thin and wobbling branch, stripping the bark off of another nearby branch. She was working very, very fast, her tail twitchy like crazy, and then scrambling back up the branch. I figured she'd be back in a few minutes, but she was back almost immediately. I wondered if she had dropped the bark. She moved down another branch and stripped a small branch full of fresh leaves off, still moving super quickly. I was struggling to get a picture of her, she was moving so fast. As soon as I could see her through the leves, she'd be gone again.
Boy was I surprised to see this in the branches of the Linden tree! The branches that were completely bare only a month ago, barren of even a single bud! Used as a climbing apparatus for squirrels, and a perch for the birds, we'd never seen a nest in it! Now suddenly, BAM, a huge nest! (Bam! Hahaha I'm sure that's not quite how it went..) She must have made that very quickly.
I opened the back door to get a better picture, and that's when she spotted me. And she sat very very very still. The twitching tail had stopped, and we just stared at eachother. I think I took at least five pictures in which she didn't move a muscle. What a good subject, posing for her portrait. Or giving me a death stare. I'm not sure which.  
Yes, then I left her alone.

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