Monday, May 9, 2011

Life and Death of a White-Throated Sparrow

NOTICE: If you are particularly sensitive, DO NOT read on...

A white-throated sparrow, spotted frequently amongst the other sparrows at the bird feeders. Take note of the yellow markings on his head, making him very easy to pick out from the other sparrows. Also, the white-throat, giving him his name I suppose.

I think he's one of Ian's favourite birds.

I particularly like his yellow eyebrows. He reminds me of a little old man with big bushy eyebrows.

He has some pretty markings on his wings, similar to the other sparrows. He likes to sing outside our bedroom window, as do the other sparrows.

Spotted by my Mother-in-Law, on our front porch, upon leaving our house one day. Sadly, he's one of the two unfortunate souls who have met their early demise as a result of our lovely big windows. Actually, I have seen another white-throated sparrow since this occurance, so maybe there were a few of them. Or maybe just a pair. How very very sad.

I may have disrupted the sparrows preferred nesting spot in front of our house last week when I trimmed the dead wood out of our hedges, and knocked out the thick layer of dead needles that were choking the branches. This has nothing to do with the death of this little guy though, this actually happened a few weeks ago.

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