Friday, May 13, 2011

What to do when Blogger is down…

This morning I got up, poured myself a cup of coffee, checked my email and Facebook, and then proceeded to make my usual blog rounds. There are numerous blogs I like to check in on daily, for a variety of reasons.

Pretty quickly though, I realized something was up. The first blog I clicked on featured a post from two days ago. "That's funny," I thought, "I'm sure there was another post after this one yesterday. Why would this person have deleted that post??" Hmm. So I left that blog and went to another. Interestingly, the same thing had occurred there, and the most recent post, from yesterday, was suspiciously missing. I checked another, and again, the most recent post was gone. At this point I was a bit worried, and checked my own blog. There it was, my own recent post, GONE! (Get it, there it was, gone? It's more like, there it wasn't, right? But there, and gone? Nooo.. Ugh, lame, sorry..)

Anyways, at this point I tried logging into Blogger only to receive the message that blogger was temporarily unavailable. When I clicked on the link for more information, I was informed that all posts from Wednesday on had been temporarily removed while they fixed whatever the problem was.

What?! You mean I can't edit my blog, check my stats, or see what my fellow bloggers are up to today?! What will I do?!

So I went for a run. After I checked the site one more time. I also checked Facebook and my email again.

Then I came home, and checked it again. Really, is it so important that I'm now going to spend my day checking on blogger in between household chores? Yes, yes it is. Maybe I need to get some other hobbies. What could I do with my time, besides checking blogger?

Well, I could write a post that I can publish when it's back up.

I could work on my wedding scrapbook.

I could clean the bathrooms.

I could sweep the floor.

I could get back to work sawing out the grout from the tiles in the bathroom.

I could read the newspaper.

I could sit on my porch and read a book.

I could weed and trim hedges.

I could smell the lilacs on the bush that I've only just realized are lilacs.

I could take some pictures.

I could do my nails.

I could do laundry.

I could do the dishes.

I could.

Or I could make my lunch and check on blogger again.

PHEW!! It's back!! Finally I can get back to the long list of things I have to do today (see above) in peace!

But wait… where is my post from yesterday? Didn't I post anything yesterday??

PS I'm sitting on the porch writing this and finally witnessed for myself, my buddy the cardinal tapping on the garage window. At first I thought it was the neighbour working on something in his driveway. Also, have just seen the biggest bee I have ever seen in my entire life bumping into the screen of my porch. TG for the screens!!! Like, the thing is so big it sounded like a bird hitting the screen!

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