Tuesday, May 3, 2011


This is a post for my Mom. During her recent visit, I ran her from window to window, several times a day, calling out "Oh quick Mom, come see our..(fill in various animal name here)." First of all, she likes the squirrells the best. Figure that out. Secondly, she liked the mourning doves. At least she did when she got here. She said that she liked the sound they make. I'm not sure how she could even hear the sound they make. She must just be remembering the sound doves make because even I can barely hear these guys, and rarely. And my Mother has hearing aids in both ears.

But here they are for her. And she's right, they do have a lovely coo. Not as obvious as our Cardinal, but when I catch them cooing, it's awfully sweet.

However, mourning doves are not the brightest birds at the feeders. I saw one fly into the window once and he stood on the ledge afterwards, just shaking his head. I'm sure I'd do that, too, but I really think he sat there for 10 minutes! Something about their tiny heads and little beady eyes make them look a little slow, too. I wonder how much brain can acutally be in those little heads. I don't think birds have very big brains anyways, as a rule, but even compared to their bodies, their heads are still on the small side.

Anyways, here are the pretty, but not so smart, little mourning doves (we actually have three of them that hang around).

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