Friday, April 29, 2011


My Mom will be leaving in the morning. I'm very sad to see her go. There's nothing like a week with Mom to help bring things back into focus.

There's nothing like a taste of back home when you're feeling incredibly homesick and lonely.

The first few days they were here, I thought to myself, quite proudly, that we're doing alright here, and I really did make the right decision. I confidently showed off my home, my well developed navigational skills, growing history knowledge, and appreciation for the flora and fauna of the region. Maybe it's just having someone from home visiting me here, finally. Maybe it's just that it's my Mom, but it's important I think... Things were said, and I don't even remember what now, but things were said that made me think, finally, this really is our home now. Which also made me a little sad. I've moved on, somehow, even though I feel like I'm barely keeping my head above the water some days.

And then today, many many many times today, I dreamed about going back with my Mom. Dreamed about escaping here. Wished that we'd never come. Thought to myself that I'd like to go home now. Home to Vancouver really, not even home with my Mom. Just back.

I'm an escapist really. I'll be happy when I'm out of here, where ever it is I happen to be.

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