Monday, April 4, 2011


It's 17 degrees outside right now. Yesterday wasn't so warm.

Ian's parents came over for a visit and a cup of tea last night. We were sitting in the living room and looked outside and it was snowing! When we went to bed last night it looked as if it was turning to rain, but there was still snow on the ground.

I woke up about 4:30AM to the booming sound of thunder, the kind that shakes the whole house, and then just keeps rumbling so you're not even sure if it IS thunder.

Thunderstorms are one of the things that I was really looking forward to enjoying in Ontario. We don't get them very often in Kamloops, or Vancouver. Not good ones anyways, with really awesome forked lightning. That's the cool stuff. However, when I woke up to the booming noise and shaking house, I wondered what I had been thinking. It wasn't so cool.

I lay awake for a few minutes. Suddenly, there was a flashing of light, and the whole room lit up. It must have been some good fork lightning the way the room lit up, then got brighter, then faded a bit, before getting a bit brighter again, and finally fading away. It was followed almost instantly by the crashing thunder, and the whole house shook. I could hear the windows rattling. That one woke Ian up too. We both got up and got a drink of water before going back to bed.

There was another, more distant lightning strike, followed by a much quieter rumble of thunder. Ian was asleep again I think. I, however, tossed and turned for the next two hours. Finally, when Ian got up to go to work, I fell asleep again, and slept until 9AM.

Tomorrow is only supposed to be a high of 6 degrees.

Too bad.

I am, however, looking forward to more thunderstorms.

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