Thursday, April 14, 2011

Pretzel Buns

Last weekend we went to Ian's parent's house for his dad's and sister's birthday dinner. Their birthdays are about 3 weeks apart, but Ian's sister will be away for hers, so we had a birthday dinner in between their two birthdays. So while Ian and his dad were repairing our chimney, I was making pretzel buns to bring with us. I've never had pretzel buns, I've never heard of pretzel buns, but I found a recipe for them and thought, "mmm pretzels! That would be good!"

I'm not a very experience bread maker, and I don't really think yeast and I are friends, but these turned out pretty good anyways. I didn't have a thermometer to check the temperature of my water before I put the yeast in, and it didn't really look like it foamed, but it turned out okay.

I sort of want to call them pretzel bums when I see them...

Despite my sad attempt at rolling them out, and the pathetic excuse for a slice down the center, they do look good enough to eat, don't they? And I gotta tell you, they really did taste pretty darn good. I'd make them again for sure! Maybe they'll look nicer next time. 

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