Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Blue Jay

A week or so ago, back when I thought it was spring, I was outside picking up branches from our muddy yard. I was noticing buds on some of the trees and bushes, and went inside to get the camera, excited to document these first signs of spring, at least two months later than I'm used to seeing them, coming from Vancouver. This has felt like a ridiculously long winter, and I'm desperate for it to come to an end. I realize that rain indicates spring in most regions of Canada, including Vancouver, but having spent the last number of years in Vancouver, rain to me means winter. Rain mixed with sun, and sprinkled with cherry blossoms, bright pink flowers outside my winter, early bulbs, and buds on trees, means spring in Vancouver. So far in Niagara Falls, I've seen a few, a rare few bulbs sprouting, and finally, FINALLY, buds on the trees!

So here I was, ecstatic to see evidence of spring in my own muddy yard. I was in the front, under the Oak tree, when this Blue Jay flew past me, and came to rest in the branches. So I stood very still and snapped his picture. A few times actually. And I crept my way a little closer to him, and he just ignored me. Actually, I think he just didn't see me!

I think maybe he just didn't see me, because when we did make eye contact, this is what he did...

That's right. He hopped straight up in the air, and then zoomed towards me. Then he actually flew right past me (a game of chicken, perhaps?) and flew on into my back yard. Now, I'm no yellow-belly! So I took my camera and I marched right back there after him. Quietly. And slowly. And he agreed to tolerate my invasion of privacy, and humour me a little more. 

Then he gave me the cold shoulder before flying away again. 

P.S. Did I mention that we drove through a snow storm on Sunday that I thought was going to turn into a hurricane? And last night I was awake for three hours watching my bedroom light up and listening to the sounds of rain and thunder? *Sigh*

P.P.S. Did I mention that my Mom is coming tomorrow?? I AM SOOOO EXCITED!!!! That's why I didn't post yesterday; I just plain ran outta time trying to tackle several last minute projects around the house. 

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