Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Spotted: Starlings and a Lone Cowbird (I think)

They may not seem very exciting if you know anything about birds, but I do not (know anything about birds that is.) So every time I see a new bird in our yard I get really excited, even if they are pest-like birds, or incredibly common. Up until now, I could identify a bluejay, a crow (usually), and a sea gull. I think I can pretty much figure out ducks, geese and swans, too. But my bird knowledge is really minimal at best. So the first time I saw the shiny, iridescent grackles, I was practically hopping. Now they're in the yard every day and I wish they'd quite their squeeking.

Now, I know the following birds are apparently fairly common, but I've never seen them in my yard before (in the long 6 months we've lived here now.) And actually, truth be known, I saw them and took these photographs a few weeks ago. I've seen the Starlings back a few times, but certainly not daily. And I've never seen the Cowbird again. In fact, I'm only assuming it's a female Cowbird, but if you know what it really is I'd love to know!

The Starlings are dark, like a brown or black, and a little bit shiny, with yellowish-whitish spots all over them, and apparently they like to eat something in the grass in our front yard. I don't even think I've ever seen them in the back yard.

This Cowbird is kinda pretty! She reminds me almost of a parrot or something. I wish she'd come back so I could see her closer!!

If you don't really care about birds, you have my sincere apologies! I never really cared about birds either. I guess it must just be boredom or loneliness or something.

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