Wednesday, April 13, 2011

A whole lotta cleanin' goin' on...

Whether it was the feeling of spring in the air, or that the fact that my Mom will be here in just over a week (YAAAAAAY!!), I suddenly realized I had a lot of little jobs to do around the house. Things I had been ignoring. Hoping they would go away. Hoping Ian would do them. Hoping elves would take care of them. Something. It's funny how many things I still have to do around here, considering I'm not even working. I can see how being a house wife really is a full-time job! Who did these things when Ian and I were both working?? No one. And it seems no one does them now either. Until yesterday.

So the following lovely chaotic mess on my counter is actually remnants of when we painted the kitchen. I had boxed up a whole bunch of things and moved them into the dining room, where they sat on the floor, on the table, or on the chair, depending on the day. Most of the boxes have made their way back into the kitchen, where they've been emptied and shoved into some cupboard somewhere. Except one box. I wasn't sure what to do with it. It contained paint sample cards, lots of papers, old calendars (I actually don't even know why those where in there), some black canisters, a few cook books, and everything we had taken off the fridge (pictures, magnets, recipes, etc.) Also, there is a glass shelf that was located on this wall, and I decided to put it back. We are hoping to get some cupboards to hang here, but haven't yet, so I thought it doesn't hurt anything to use the glass shelf again until we do. We never bothered to fill the holes for it when we painted anyways, so no harm. I cleaned up the clutter (mostly) and Ian hung the shelf when he got home.

 (The camera was not in that box, it's more a remnant of my scatterbrain..)

And here are the canister. A Christmas present from my brother, ages ago... I had to re-create some counter room for them. Funny how counters get so cluttered with "stuff." Does that happen to you, too?

In the midst of my chaos, I also had to find time to make dinner. Cue the slow cooker! My favourite appliance I think, though I love my stand mixer too! Beef stew. Mmmm.

Did I mention that I started all of these projects, and then left them in various stages, moving from one to the other like a housewife with ADHD, and not completing anything? I took out the brooms to sweep the floor, then decided to vacuum the front floor mat before sweeping moved beyond the entry. Then I left them all there and moved on to something else, before later returning and sweeping the floors in the rest of the house. 

In finishing the "den bedroom", we turned the spare bedroom into a storage room of sorts. We put a ton of things in there that we just needed to get out of the "den bedroom" (which had been our "catch-all" room since we moved in.) Some people have a junk drawer, I guess ours turned into a junk bedroom... Oh, and I still hadn't re-hung the curtain rod in the spare room yet, so no curtain. A lot of this stuff needed to be put where ever it belongs. I still don't know what to do with some of it. Very kindly, Ian hung the curtain and rod for me last night.

Occasionally I thought to myself, I need to post on the blog, too. Or I'd stop to check my email. Not that anyone emails me anyways. Also, note the black plastic garbage bag on the couch. With that in hand, we head down to the laundry room... 

I'd washed the curtains and bedding and stuff that Mrs. S. left last week, but still hadn't re-folded the shears I had left to dry in the laundry room. I'm thinking I may hang these in the sun room when we open it up for the summer. 

Turn just to the Left now and you'll see my sewing/craft table. A bit of a disaster, I have a minimum of four projects started and not finished. 

Turn to the Right and you'll see the pile of hand-washing I've been putting off for ages... I don't find any joy in hand-washing, though I do like to make my sweaters last longer, and even being nearly 10 years old, I don't trust our sarongs/curtains to not run, so I always wash them by hand. (Sarongs/curtains were sarongs when that was cool, and when Ian was travelling, and then they became curtains in our appartment in Vancouver for several years, and now I'm not sure what they'll become. Probably sarongs again.)

This is the pile of bedding from Mrs. S. that needed to be put into that black plastic bag and given to Goodwill or something. Bagged. Now to get rid of it.

Soooo, all in all, yesterday was a VERY busy day, and despite running back and forth from one thing to another, I got a pretty good handle on it. I have a few things left to tackle, but I have another week before my Mom gets here, and today doesn't feel quite so spring-like. It's dark, and rainy, and feels like winter in Vancouver. Booooooo. I know, April showers bring May flowers and all that, but I had kinda gotten used to January showers and February flowers...

Now off to make a peanut butter pie! Yes, peanut butter pie. Are you coming over?

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