Monday, April 25, 2011

Ding Dong the Carpet's Gone

Okay, so this post is a few days late, but it still makes me happy. It's like a huge weight off my shoulders. Like 30 rolls of carpet-weight. That's right. 30 rolls of carpet. Plus under-padding. 42 rolls total Ian tells me. 42 rolls of carpet and underpadding. A mountain of carpet and under-padding that has been steadily growing since we moved in, taking over our garage, making it a renovation dumping zone, and rendering it un-fit for parking our car.

And the garbage truck took it all away! YAAAY!!! It made me sing, ask my Mother-in-Law, I told her. I even sang it to Ian.

Ding dong, the carpet's gone, the carpet's gone, the carpet's gone.
Ding dong, the carpet's gone, oh YAY!!!

PS My Mom is still here and I'm sure we'll have some more exiting posts once I have time to think about it. Loving having her here!!! :D

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