Tuesday, March 1, 2011

My Ruffle Apron

For several years I've been seeing these super cute ruffle aprons for sale. I always think "I could make that, it would be so easy!" and I'm always really surprised by the price people charge for these. (Although I saw some at Pier One last week that were only $15.00 and I really think that is reasonable!) Anyways, the sewing stars aligned: I found an online tutorial (here), have the space to do some sewing, dug my sewing machine out and oiled it, got some fabric on clearance, and finally decided to make my own! What do you think? I'm thinking if I can improve my technique a bit, get better at sewing (especially straight lines over ruffles), and get some more fabric on clearance, I might try to sell some of these. I have another pattern for a retro apron (no ruffles) that I'm going to try next.
PS I love my slow cooker! I use it all the time, especially in the winter! This, I think, was pulled pork, for pulled pork sandwiches. I found a recipe that used a pork loin roast, and a can of Root Beer, so I thought, "what the heck?! How simple!" and decided to try it. You shred the pork when it's cooked, then you drain out the Root Beer and add BBQ sauce. Serve on a nice hamburger bun with fresh cole slaw. It turned out sooo good! But I'm a sucker for pulled pork... Apologies to my non-pork eatting friends who would be gagging at the thought of eating a pig...

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