Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Alas, the kitchen.. though still a work in progress...

The kitchen, before:

This is the kitchen painted, notice the lovely carpet still in place:

Carpet out, trying to scrape the carpet glue off of the existing tiles (vinyl?):

Laying out the paper "floor plan" for the new lino:

Filling the gaps in the tile, and attempting to level what's left of the glue:

We put the new lino out on the living room floor for cutting, and realized instantally that it was two feet too short. It said it was 12x13 feet, but it was really 12x11. We called the store to complain and they said we could bring it back, or they could refund us the difference. We figured if we could make it work, we would just keep it - we really just want to get it done. We were able to make it work by taking out a piece that would be under the cupboards, and piecing it next to the back stairs. The unfortunate thing being that we would definitly have to install a toe-kick then (I was actually hoping we wouldn't have to, I really liked the legs our cupboards had before.) But that was getting a bit off track, here are the laying out and cutting pics:

Floor done, now for the unfortunate toe-kick. It was white, I painted it Gingerbread and then touched it up with some leftover brown from the bathroom and yellow from the kitchen to make it blend with the cupboards a bit nicer:

And here's the nearly finished kitchen:

I'd like to get some cupboards to hang above the little breakfast table and dishwasher for my extra pantry stuff. We actually removed the cupbard between the window and the door to go downstairs for painting purposes, and I don't think I want to put it back up - it's just nicer and more open there now, and the cupboard wasn't very big and useful anyways. So that's the next thing on my list. Also, I'm toying with the idea of actually painting the cupboards white in the summer, when I can take all the doors out to the garage to do it. I'm on the fence about the hardware, I haven't decided if I'll spray paint them and keep them, or get rid of them and get something else. Also the lights. I'm not sure how much I love them. I love the mid-century design, but thinking something a bit more modern might be nice. It may have something to do with having similar lights as a child or something, but these just feel old to me, even if they are completely authentic mid-century modern. So we'll see. Still a work in progress. 

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