Monday, March 7, 2011

A visitor

Nearly every morning I wake up to a "tap... tap tap.. TAP.." on the back window (in the den/bedroom). The first few times I heard it, I thought it was someone throwing rocks at the window and I couldn't figure out who would do that, or why for that matter. Those thoughts lasted only seconds as I walked down the hall towards the den/bedroom to find out what was going on. This happens nearly every morning. THIS is the culprit. (Turn your sound up for the full effect.)

This video is one of the most clear I've taken, and you really get the idea that it doesn't happen just once or twice... He just keeps going! One of these days the poor, dumb little guy is really going to hurt himself (if he hasn't already given himself brain damage doing this!) However, it doesn't really capture the way he sometimes backs up into the branches, puffs himself up big, and litterly throws himself into the window! You'll just have to trust me, he does. And if we close the curtains, he still does it. Sometimes he'll sit outside the window and sing. I take it when he does that it means he wants food. But he'll throw himself into the window whether there's food outside for him or not. Maybe Mrs. S. used to feed him. Someone else wondered if she maybe let him inside. Apparently the woman across the street invites the squirrels into her home. Ian saw Hairband squirrel leaving the other day, darting out of her house, and she wished him (Hairband) a good day, and told him not to stay away too long. Interesting...

P.S. Hairband is a brown squirrel with a blonde tail, reminiscent of a bad hair-band blonde ponytail... He's the most identifiable of all our neighbourhood squirrels.

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