Sunday, March 27, 2011

The laundry "Oops."

It was over a week ago. I can blog about it now.

I was up early, like before 8, and thought I'd get some laundry on. I started it no problem. Then, I went back downstairs to check on it and found this.

I had to go back upstairs and get my rubber boots on so I could get closer to this, without getting my feet wet. I may have sworn first. But quietly.

So a rag fell into the laundry sink, which the washing machine also drains into, and plugged up the drain. Then it overflowed. Unfortunately, the drain on the floor was also plugged (which we didn't really know, it's not usually one of those things you check...) So I brought the plunger down and gave it a good plunging. It opened up right away and whisked the water down with it. Some of it. The rest had to be pushed towards the drain with my swiffer (I don't have a regular old mop), and then mopped towards the drain with the very rag the plugged the sink up in the first place.

The carpet, unfortunately, didn't make it. I rolled it up, still dripping, tied it, and carted it outside. As soon as it was wet, it stunk. I didn't want to risk the smell not going away, and wasn't sure how I was going to squeeze out the water anyways.

Insert big white box fan here, and the floor was dry before 10AM that very day.

I was actually pretty proud of myself. I stayed calm. I didn't yell. I didn't call anyone so I could freak out first. Sure I had one little swear, but it was quiet and I think totally justified. And then I got over it. I just dealt with the situation.

Sometimes I surprise myself.

PS The laundry room floor actually looks pretty good now, nice and clean! And when Ian spilled water on it last night I made him dry it up so it wouldn't leave water marks. He didn't understand.

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