Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Making Doughnuts

We were working in the den bedroom last weekend (like a week ago). Sometimes, when we are working on the house, we'll treat ourselves to a coffee and a doughnut from everyone's favourite Canadian coffee shop... But we've tightened the straps on our purse strings, so to speak, and there's not room in the budget for coffee and doughnuts. Besides, we have coffee. And it's pretty easy to make doughnuts.

So we finished off in the room, and for an extra special treat that evening, we made doughnuts ourselves, together. Making doughnuts together, and brewing a nice big pot of coffee, is way more fun then just driving over to the coffee shop for a quick treat. Before you know it, your doughnut is gone and you have to get back to work. This way, we spent some quality time together, and we ate doughnuts while they were still warm, and we had doughnuts to eat for three days! You should try it.

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