Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Our Anniversary

Friday was our first wedding anniversary. We enjoyed a lovely dinner out at the Keg, with a view overlooking Niagara Falls.

I can't believe it's been over a year since we were married. It really feels like yesterday that we were enjoying a week in Mexico with some of our closest friends and family. We napped on the beach. We bobbed in the waves. We sipped margaritas. We ate nachos in the sunshine. We went to bed early. We slept in. We ate breakfast and dinner with our families, all together. We lounged together in the evenings by the lobby bar. We explored the jungle pathways. We snorkled. We got married. On the beach. In the sun.

We watched our wedding video on our anniversary. What a beautiful day. What beautiful people were with us that day.

We ate cupcakes from our wedding reception in Niagara Falls on our anniversary. We froze them, since we didn't have any wedding cake to enjoy on our first anniversary, we decided to save two cupcakes from our final reception. They were just as good as they were in July, but the colour ran in the fondant on one of the cupcakes for some reason and the pretty multi-coloured fondant flower became a flat pink fondant surface.

We made decaf coffee with a cinnamon stick. I highly recommend this. Just put half a cinnamon stick in your coffee filter, with the grinds. It's very yummy, if you like cinnamon. We had bought a bottle of a Mayan liquor (whose name escapes me at this time, which is fine, I never could say it properly) that tastes like licorice. We opened that, finally, a year later, and enjoyed it in our cinnamon coffee. It was like being transported back to Mexico. Only there was snow outside. I think, actually, our drink was better because there was snow outside.

We opened gifts. My mom sent flowers. Ian's sister brought over flowers and a card. Ian's parents gave us a Songbirds and Birdsongs calendar. We also had gifts for eachother, although we said we weren't going to get eachother anything. I gave Ian a picture I painted for him, the silhouette of two birds on a branch, with an orange sky.. He gave me a gift certificate for a manicure and pedicure. I'm so looking forward to it. And then, last night, Ian's parents came over with another gift for us. A lovely picture of us on our wedding, blown up, and made up of a thousand tiny pictures from our wedding and our Niagara Falls reception. It's really neat to look at. I'd take a picture and post it, but I really don't think that will do it justice.

We are so lucky.

The following night we had a lovely dinner at home of fresh bread with oil and balsamic vinegar for dipping, tortellini lasagna, and a bottle of red wine (which was a gift from Chris, Ian's best man, and his girlfriend Jaime.) And you know, I think that dinner was nicer than our dinner out. We polished off the whole bottle of wine, because we didn't have to worry about driving anywhere. We chatted for well over an hour. We sat at the table and talked, and talked, and talked, well after we were done eatting. It was lovely.

I really am lucky.

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