Monday, July 5, 2010

On packing

Well packing has seriously commenced today. After we sorted the things from the closet, we did nothing. After a few minor panic attacks when I realized we're planning to leave in just TWO WEEKS!!!! I got things going this morning. I've sorted the catch-all box I had brought home from school containing all of the odds and ends you end up with in the end of packing your classroom. If you're not a teacher you may have no idea what this includes. Because you're packing your class while school is still in session, you end up with all sorts of odds and ends. Most of the stuff from my desk (pens, pencils, stickers, etc.), my glue gun, a list of Theatre Sports and instructions to play, clip boards, my mini white board, a few leftover binders, a duotang with some professional development stuff I'd been working on, cards from students, about twenty sharpie fine-liners, etc! So I had brought this box home and left it in the middle of the floor with the intent to sort it and repack everything in their "proper" places. It stayed there for nearly a week. Now it's sorted. And I have about four other half-packed boxes spread across the living room floor. I have piles of things (school stuff, books, things I'm giving to particular people, things I'm giving away to anyone, garbage, and scrap book stuff - I haven't the faintest idea what I'm going to do with this! Yes I do, I'm going to pack it!) So packing is really and truely underway now. Ian is going to be so impressed when he gets home! And alarmed. What a mess.
On saying goodbye
I have been blessed with some of the best friends, family, and work buddies a girl could wish for. Thank you just doesn't cut it! I will miss you all more then you will ever be able to imagine. Please come visit!

Dani and Ian at EuroFest 2010
Sorry Dani, it's the most recent picture I have!! hehe
Mom and I in Merritt
Jay and Amie, the last waffle Sunday
Britta and Sean, the last waffle Sunday

Fred and Cindy, the last waffle Sunday

Heather, her BFF Tomoko, and Josh at the last waffle Sunday

Lyn and I, Canada Day at her house

Grandma and I, Birch Bay

Gagan and I, her wedding day!! :D

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