Sunday, July 25, 2010

making mountains out of no hills

I'm trying not to focus on the leaving friends and family part. There have been a few tears shed. My head hurts, my stomach feels like it's in knots, my eyes are still red, and my face is breaking out big time. But I'm trying not to think about it.

Instead, let me tell you about our first day on the road.

Ian drove to Salmon Arm, then I drove to Canmore, then he drove the rest of the way to Medicine Hat. I drove from Salmon Arm to Canmore because he's never been through the mountains here. He was impressed. At least, I figure he must have been impressed because he killed the battery in his own camera, and then took a ton of mountain pictures with mine.

It's also Ian's first time in Alberta, and the first song we heard on the radio after we entered Alberta was by the band that "brought us together". It must be a sign!

As we were driving away from the mountains I felt incredibly sad to see them disappearing behind us. I kept looking for them off in the distance. At one point, looking east into the horizon I was sure I could see rocky mountainous peaks poking through the clouds. You know how around Vancouver and the Fraser Valley you can see the mountains just barely behind the smog on hot summer days? It was a bit like that, but I was just hallucinating mountains I guess.

Here are a few shots from the day.

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