Friday, October 29, 2010

Today is Key Day!

We get the keys around 5PM tonight. I have a million things to do today. On that note, I'm just going to copy the email I sent to my mother last night, giving you an overview of what the next few days are probably going to look like.

So Mom, you don't have to read this again.

Friday morning I work, and Ian works all day. Then I have a bunch of running around to do and things to buy... alarm clock, telephone, some more cleaning stuff, etc. Also have to do laundry, clean the bathroom at Ian's parents', and finish packing our stuff here...

Friday evening we should get the key, at 5. I guess we'll take a quick swing by the house to make sure everything's in order there. Then, we will take both vans (Ian's parents' new one, and their old one) to the mall in St. Catharines where our couch and chair are waiting. We'll bring those back to the house. Might leave them in the garage for now, so that they don't smell like smoke... but we'll see...

Then, providing it's not already too late and we're not already exhausted, I would like to get started on cleaning. Just a quick wipe down of the kitchen, appliances, and all three bathrooms in particular. The fridge in the kitchen is going to need some attention I think, we peeked in it last night and there appears to be some rust in the freezer, so we'll just have to see what we can do....

So then Saturday we'll get our stuff from storage, and bring it all to the house. Also, we have a load or two here at Ian's parents' I'm thinking... We're still debating if it will go into the basement, or into the garage... It depends on what kind of time-frame we're looking at to get everything done I suppose... Don't want to start putting stuff on the main floor because it will get in the way of cleaning, etc. But we do need to pick it up because there is a lot of stuff in there we'll need, like towels, dishes, some cleaning things, etc...

Next on the agenda is to pull down all the light fixtures, and wash those. Also the heat registers, they looked like they could use a good scrubbing... We want to take a look under the carpet in the master bedroom, and see how that floor looks for starters. We may pull that carpet up right away, if it looks pretty good, so that we don't get our bed and matress smelling like smoke, and we can set it up right away... Anyways, then we'll get on to removing all of the ten zillion nails and picture hooks in the walls, and stripping wallpaper. Then washing walls, and filling holes. Then priming. And have to do the ceiling too.

That should pretty much take us into mid November I'm afraid, and that hasn't included actually unpacking ;)

No, hopefully within a few days we can feel somewhat settled... But I guess we'll see!!

Phone, cable, and internet will be installed on Monday evening.

Mom's response?
Whew, thankfully I'm here when you're moving! LOL
(Here being Kamloops, not in NF where we are.)

On that note, I doubt I'll have time to update until we're in there. Maybe Monday night or Tuesday. I can imagine I'll be anxious to check my email and Facebook. Pathetic, I know.

Point being, I'll try to remember to take lots of pictures, and will update as soon as I can.

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