Tuesday, October 19, 2010


10 days until possession day! We have been out shopping for furniture, electronics, appliances, accessories, paint colours, etc... We haven't bought much yet and I'm incredibly anxious to get going with things. I know we should wait until we're in there to see how things look and feel, but seeing as we've brought so little across the country with us, I'm anxious to have some furniture at least when we move in. We have a bed, a tv stand, and a bookshelf, but that's all the furniture we trucked over. Last weekend we bought a dresser and two night stands that match our bed. I guess we'll be sitting in the bedroom, and possibly eatting in the bedroom. It's all good, as long as we don't have company over - that could get a bit cozy! ("Here, please, come in, come sit with us on the bed!")

I'm particularly eager to have a couch, but Ian and I seem to have some difficulties agreeing on them. I thought we were on the same page when it came to colour (or more precisely, lack thereof), but when we were shopping this weekend I realized we may have a ways to go yet. He likes deeper and higher couches, because he's tall and has long legs and a long body. I like shorter, smaller couches; I'm short and I get tired of swinging my legs or sitting on my feet. But I thought we would probably find something in between. We found one he particularly liked, and I didn't mind, so we started talking about colour. I like the white, he likes the beige. He thinks the white looks unfinished, I think the beige does.... I told him we'd put some nice, bright, decorative throw pillows on it, but he's not convinced. It's a slipcovered sofa also, so we could wash it when it gets dirty! We left without a sofa. We're still thinking, apparently.
On another note, I started my two-week job yesterday. It went very well, though we were very late getting started that day, so I didn't get home until 11:30am. Today was better, I was home by 10am! (I started at 8am, but get paid for 3 hours no matter what.)

Yesterday, when I got home, I used my new Kitchen-Aid stand mixer mix up some bread dough (using my new whole wheat flour from the mill at Balls Falls!) It turned out better than I expected, though a bit heavy (as could be predicted given the stone ground flour!) More about the mixer: I bought it this past weekend for a fantastic price while we were out shopping for house things. It seems to work really well and I am super excited to make A LOT more with it. It's the pretty candy-apple red colour, and I'm actually considering decorating our kitchen around it, so that I can just leave it on the counter all the time. I'm sure I'll use it frequently, and it's awfully heavy to be lifting up and putting away all the time. Or maybe I should keep it put away so that I'm not tempted to bake sweets every day!
I don't know how we'll ever pick paint colours! There's just so much I like... I might be one of those people that re-paints their house ten million times; every time they finish they begin again... Also dreaming about re-doing the kitchen and bathrooms... Although that may be a bit over our heads for this moment. Once I'm working regularly we can talk about doing the things that are going to cost real money!

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