Monday, August 2, 2010


Last night was our "Niagara Falls Reception" for our wedding, ending the nearly 7 month wedding celebrations. Part of me feels relief that we don't have to plan any more parties. Part of me is really sad that it's all over now! Not many people are as lucky as we are, to have three wedding celebrations!

I met a lot of my in-laws family that I hadn't met before, and met a few that I did meet a few years ago, and then of course I got to see the ones we see frequently, nearly every time we've visited. Ian had some friends in attendance as well, and I had a friend from Toronto who very kindly made the trip down to "represent me." I believe that a lovely night was had by all. A lovely night was had by me anyways. Ian really does have a lovely family, and it's always nice when family can get together and celebrate anything!

I'd like to post some pictures, but I will have to do it later for two reasons: 1, my camera is upstairs; 2, I only have a few pictures, mostly just of what the hall looked like decorated. Hopefully other people will send me their pictures.

Today we are going to his sister's for a post celebration breakfast. My stomach is already growling, I can't wait to go!

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