Wednesday, December 8, 2010


It suddenly dawned on me last night that I haven't posted anything in.. I didn't even know how long! I almost can't remember how to log in! I haven't updated pictures, or progress, or even logged in to complain, gripe, and whine!!

So I guess now for a quick update, and my excuses. We have completed the main bathroom, dining room, and are in the final stages of finishing off the living room! All that's left to do on the main floor is to finish the hall and kitchen, and do the two spare bedrooms. We also have some touch-ups to do in the living room, and finishing touches such as the quarter round on the floor and the crown moulding. I haven't actually taken many pictures of the progress as I've been too busy working on making progress. I have been busy all day every day. I guess that's the way it is with renovating. I get up in the morning, drink my coffee and eat my cereal while trying not to get too much drywall dust in it. I change into my dirty work clothes. I work until lunch time when I find I'm absolutely starving. I eat a peanut butter and banana wrap (pretty much the only thing I can fathom making at this point of low blood sugar and ravenous hunger!), I get back to work until Ian gets home. At this point the remainder of my evening is determined by how much more we can do (like you can't do anymore if you just painted and have to wait for it to dry, but if you're sanding and filling holes it's a never ending process). So if there's lots more to do and I'm filthy dirty, I usually plead with Ian to make dinner and I keep working, so I don't have to get cleaned up (shower, clean clothes, etc.) in order to keep our dinner somewhat free of renovation extras. Then I will keep working until dinner, stop to eat, then get right back to work after dinner. I will work until I'm too tired to work anymore at which time I'll shower and maybe watch tv for a bit before bed. If there's not much I can keep working on after dinner, I'll have a shower and get dinner on. Then I try to spend some time relaxing, although usually this time is used for getting groceries, making another trip to Home Depot, or in the past few days, wrapping Christmas presents.

Last weekend was my 30th birthday. Ian took me out to dinner, we stayed in a hotel room overlooking the falls, had a very yummy buffet breakfast, did some shopping, then came home and painted for a few hours before Ian made a delicious French toast dinner followed by chocolate cupcakes with peanut butter icing.

On Tuesday I started my Christmas job. Tuesday was only yesterday. It feels like days and days ago already! I am completely exhausted. My legs hurt, my back hurts, my hands, wrists, arms, fingers... It all hurts. I had aches and pains every day from all the work I've been doing around here. My shins have become perma-bruised I think. But now I have standing around on concrete aches, and repetitive motion pains. They seem to be a bit different. So, it's now past the time I intended to go to bed, my eyes are slowly closing, and I will be working another 8 hour day tomorrow! I think I'll have to leave my whining at this for now and hopefully talk more about my job a little later, if I have time. I actually only have 3 days off between now and Christmas! Crazy!!!

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